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Be the car enthusiast without the effort!

Purchasing a 'new' car could be one of the biggest investments that you make in your life.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend you protect your vehicle with a high performance exterior and interior surface protection.

Motor Care Group products have been designed and formulated for Australian conditions, and the Australian lifestyle. From the inside to the outside, we have you covered. By giving your vehicle the ultimate shielding from environmental pollutants which damage the paint exterior and panel work.

The Motor Care Group is your answer to making life easier. By reducing the need for excessive cleaning and upkeep on the interior and exterior of your car. Giving you that piece of mind, prime appearance and more time to spend on your busy lifestyle.

glass coat car care services

Glass Coat

The Motor Care Group's Glass Coat is a ceramic resin based solution giving the vehicle an appearance comparable to the outstanding appearance of glass, leaving your paint with a dimensional depth of ultimate gloss.

  • Preserves against Bug Splatter
  • Preserves against Insect Etching
  • Preserves against Bird Droppings
  • Preserves against Bat Droppings
  • Preserves against UV Fading
  • Preserves against Weather induced discolouration
upholstery fabric car care services

Fabric Care

Fabric Care is a specialised formula with UV filters that adheres to each individual fibre reducing absorption. This product will prevent permanent staining of the treated surface from water, coffee, soda, milk or other commonly consumed food or liquids.

Fabric Care will help reduce the worry and efforts in the maintenance of your fabric upholstery. This formula is environmentally friendly and odourless. Fabric Care will help preserve and help extend the life of your new vehicle's upholstery, allowing you to keep your new car look longer.

car leather seat  care services

Leather Care

Leather Care interior preserver makes it easier to keep the vehicle interior clean Leather Care rejuvenates and prevents permanent staining of the treated surface from water,coffee, soda, milk or other commonly consumed food or liquids.Leather Care also prevents cracking, fading and splitting caused by ulta violet light.

vinyl car care services

Vinyl Care

Heat during the summer seasons and colder temperatures in winter may cause your dashboard and trims to fade, crack or split.

Vinyl Care's intense moisturising formula conditions the vinyl surfaces preventing cracking, fading and splitting causes by the effects of ultra violet light. Vinyl Care also prevents staining of the areas treated against milk,water,soda and commonly consumed liquid and food.

e-rust car care services

E-rust Care

E-Rust Care has computerised capacitive coupling technology which enhances the long term value and condition of your car against rust. E-Rust Care is environmentally safe, non-toxic and does not involve chemicals or sprays.