Car Care

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At AMH Auto Group, we’re always thinking of ways to help you keep your vehicle in incredible condition. From the interior of your vehicle to the exterior, we’ve created products to help you accomplish this task in all types of Australian conditions.

For more information about this product and our other car care products, please contact us or visit us today. We'd love to give you more details on how you can save money and cut down on your car maintenance efforts with our products.

Fabric Care

Prevent future stains & odours

Whether you’ve spent a lot of time travelling with your pet or your children have spilled various snacks on the seats, the upholstery in your vehicle can suffer from various stains, dirt and odours over the years. AMH Auto Group has formulated fabric care products that are created with you in mind, to help you maintain the fabric in your new car or used car. Instead of dealing with the consequences of spills and stains, why not prevent them with our specialised UV filters?

Taking advantage of our car care products means that you won't have to spend time or money on cleaning and maintenance later on. Plus, you'll be able to save time cleaning up the spill when it happens!

Areas covered by Fabric Care

  • Vehicle Fabric Upholstery (car seats)
  • Carpet Areas and Boot Areas

Helps prevent your Fabric against

  • Permanent Staining
  • Coffee Stains
  • Soda Stains
  • commonly consumed Foods and Liquids

Interior Care

AMH Auto Group offers a variety of car care services to help your car feel like it’s brand new all the time.

Leather Care

Leather Care has been specifically formulated to resist most common contaminants including dirt, perspiration and body oils. It also preserves against UV exposure that causes fading and cracking.

Areas covered by Leather Care

  • Leather Upholstery (car seats)
  • Leather Door Inserts

Helps prevent your Fabric against

  • Permanent Staining
  • Coffee Stains
  • Soda Stains
  • commonly consumed Foods and Liquids

Vinyl Care

Vinyl Care uses a special formulation including UV inhibitors to create a protective layer on the outer surface whilst preventing cracking, splitting and fading.

Areas covered by Vinyl Care

  • Dashboard*
  • Vinyl Door Trimming

Helps prevent your Vinyl against

  • Cracking
  • Fading
  • Splitting
  • Harmful effects of Ultra Violet light
  • Staining of treated surfaces from commonly consumed Food and Liquids

Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply. *Excludes Hyundai Manufactured Vehicles.

Exterior Care

Have you recently scraped up some paint on the exterior of your vehicle? Have you been in a minor accident and want to get the dent out of your car? If so, then AMH Auto Group is the place to call. We offer a variety of car care products and services to make your car look like it’s brand new!

Glass Coat®

GlassCoat® Ceramic Paint Sealer is the most unique paint sealer in the world

Our range of products have evolved over 100 years worth of lab testing and refining by our global partners. Today, we provide our clients with the highest class of world leading formulas to help enhance and preserve a vehicle’s appearance.

The winning formula to hit the paint preservation industry is The Motor Care Group’s GlassCoat®. GlassCoat® is designed to chemically react to the vehicle’s paint, creating a permanent ceramic barrier, increasing the vehicle’s gloss and paint film thickness by up to 10%.

The main ingredient in The Motor Care Group’s GlassCoat® is Polysilazane.

Polysilazane’s waterproof properties are found in coatings for bridges, solar panels & tiles for NASA space shuttles. Our Manufacturer has introduced the useful properties of Polysilazane into the automotive industry having the foundation, resources and capital to invest in creating the world’s leading paint preserver – GlassCoat®.

Warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Scratch & Dint Repairs

Unfortunately, getting minor and sometimes major scratches or dents in your vehicle is part of life. Here at AMH Auto Group, we not only offer great deals for new cars and tyres; we also offer a variety of services to ensure that your trusted vehicle keeps running as long as it can. From routine maintenance like interior and exterior care, to scratch and dint repairs, you can call on our team to take care of your car.

Bumper Bar Scratch or Scrape

Repair one scratch or scrape up to 450mm in length and 20mm in depth. Excluding lights, metal bumper bars, Chrome finishes, decals and internal structural damage including mounting brackets, damage to lights or headlight covers, damage to any electrical or mechanical mechanism for example reversing sensors, washer jets or any item / accessory equivalent.

Deep Scratch

Repair one paint chip or deep scratches down to the metal surface up to 25mm in diameter on any vertical painted metal panel. (One panel per repair).

Body Pressure Dent

Repair one pressure dent up to 50mm in diameter on any flat single panel where the paint has not been chipped or damaged. (excludes dents on style lines and metal folds, edges, corner and dents where there is not sufficient access to rear of panel).

Alloy Wheel Scrapes

Repair one alloy wheel scratch or scrape by repairing damaged area. Excluding machine, chrome finished or powder coated alloy wheels and structural damage to the wheel. We do not guarantee an exact colour match when repainting any alloy wheel.

Surface Scratch

Repair surface scratches on up to 5 panels that have not cut through the clear coat.

Side Mirror Scratch or Scrape

Repair paint scratches or scuffs on side mirror casing. (excludes chrome finished casings, lights and structural damage). 1 mirror casing per repair.

Body Kit Scratch or Scrape

Repair one Scratch or Scrape up to 450mm in size on any plastic side skirts and bumper strip.


Rust is the loss of electrons from within the metal. When metal is exposed to oxygen & moisture it results in a chemical reaction called rust.

E-Rust Care uses capacitive coupling technology which slows down the chemical reaction between the steel in your vehicle and the oxygen, chemicals, salt and moisture that may cause rust.

E-Rust Care is designed to interfere with the metal’s natural oxidisation process by artificially distributing electrons into your vehicle’s panel.

Areas covered by E-Rust

  • Vehicle Chassis and Cabin

Benefits of E-Rust Care

  • Helps maintain resale value and helps prevent rust formation

AMH Auto Group offers a wide range of window tints to suit your motoring needs.

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  • 99% UV rejection.
  • Added safety helps hold glass together in the event of an accident.
  • Glare reduction, enjoy safer driving.
  • Helps reduce the heat entering the vehicle.

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