Prevent Future
Stains & Odours

Whether you’ve spent a lot of time travelling with your pet or your children have spilled various snacks on the seats, the upholstery in your vehicle can suffer from various stains, dirt and odours over the years. AMH Auto Group has formulated fabric care products that are created with you in mind, to help you maintain the fabric in your new car or used car. Instead of dealing with the consequences of spills and stains, why not prevent them with our specialised UV filters?

Taking advantage of our car care products means that you won't have to spend time or money on cleaning and maintenance later on. Plus, you'll be able to save time cleaning up the spill when it happens!


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At AMH Auto Group, we’re always thinking of ways to help you keep your vehicle in incredible condition. From the interior of your vehicle to the exterior, we’ve created products to help you accomplish this task in all types of Australian conditions.

For more information about this product and our other car care products, please contact us or visit us today. We'd love to give you more details on how you can save money and cut down on your car maintenance efforts with our products.


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